I Stand on the Mountain

I stand on the mountain
The sky above is a pale shade of blue
The forest here is untainted,
Unharmed by human greed and madness
Here, the trees have stood for many years
They have seen the infinite cycles of the sun
Of the moon
Those pine trees, with the gnarled trunks
And twisted branches
They know secrets as old as time
As the wind travels through the wood
I hear the trees whisper
I listen
The sun shines down on my cheek
Enveloping me in her warm caress
I close my eyes
Open up my soul
And let mother nature embrace her lost child
I look out at the world
The farms, the lakes
The sleeping blue mountains
Peeking over the vast horizon
I am just a tiny being in this universe
Yet I belong

Now I sit in the morning dew
Feel the cold dew on my warm skin
Listen to the comforting silence
I watch the golden rays of the early sun
Illuminate my world
Paint the earth with beautiful, warm colors
The shadows slip back into my mind
The clouds reclaim the fog
The birds start singing their song
The song of a new day
Of new possibilities
Of new adventures

I capture this little moment in time
And store it in my heart


15 thoughts on “I Stand on the Mountain

  1. Beautiful imagery tied to cycles of time. This lovely poem resonates with my love of nature as well. There is much to ponder in an unspoiled wilderness of mountains and valleys full of waterways and falls to nuture the flora and fauna. Those moments spent in contemplation seem to always sooth my frayed edges. You bring a delightful scene to mind. You actually made my day 😊

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m happy that I made your day. This poem is actually based on something that happened to me. I was able to spend a weekend out in nature, and that was exactly what I needed to recenter myself and to find a little bit of peace. I wrote this poem while I was sitting in the grass watching the sun go up, so it has some real, unfiltered emotions.

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      1. That’s awesome Kat! I can’t imagine a more pure way to create poetry than to be immersed in the subject of nature. It’s habit forming but it’s a good habit. 😊

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