The Unknown

My life exists in two realities My soul is pulled from side to side Torn apart My brain is lost, confused The incessant chatter of voices in my head One is listing chemical equations, Analyzing the Cold War, conjugating French Verbs Sharp edges and flourescent lights Organized letters and Mindless humming The comforting and constant [...]

Entropy of the Mind

They were born out of the fire. They were born out of the sky. When the trees had embraced the world in red flames, when the days were still cold, and when the heavy and impermeable blanket of night was so dark that it made them want to cry. The giants had fallen asleep between [...]

The Happy Book People (2.0)

Time seems to slow down When we’ve had too much of it Like an uninvited guest inside your head Useless comforts are the only pills we can take To rid ourselves of the reminder That the wonders of life Have been washed away with predictability Predictability is a poison It kills the surprise It grows [...]