Entropy of the Mind

They were born out of the fire. They were born out of the sky. When the trees had embraced the world in red flames, when the days were still cold, and when the heavy and impermeable blanket of night was so dark that it made them want to cry. The giants had fallen asleep between... Continue Reading →


The Power of Objects

I am surrounded by memories. The subway ticket from Chicago, mint tins, piles of books, my rock and beach glass collection, small wooden turtles from Mexico, and notes on the walls that remind me of events that have long passed and math equations I no longer need are all reminders of my past. They are... Continue Reading →

Thank You, Summer.

Dear Summer, As I used up the last leaves of the peach tea I knew you had gone It has been raining a lot, But it’s the cold kind of rain, the sad kind of rain The kind of rain where you can’t hope for the sun to come out Because it’s just too far... Continue Reading →

My Magical Universe

When I was a little girl, magic followed me around everywhere. She would not let go, clinging on to me, finding a way to seep into my young mind. I welcomed her like I would an old friend, letting her plant the seeds of imagination. The seeds that would then grow into an entire world,... Continue Reading →

I Stand on the Mountain

I stand on the mountain Alone The sky above is a pale shade of blue The forest here is untainted, Unharmed by human greed and madness Here, the trees have stood for many years They have seen the infinite cycles of the sun Of the moon Those pine trees, with the gnarled trunks And twisted... Continue Reading →

Humans Cannot Believe

We would all be dead if we believed in parallel universes. If we take the idea that every action that could possibly happen happens in another universe and truly embrace it and live life by it, all the human ambition that has brought us this far would die. If you truly believe that an outcome... Continue Reading →

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

I have been nominated by KittyJade for the Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Tag. Here is my response to it. I nominate anyone who wants to participate.   Yesterday I was born: the start of the new generation. Yesterday I was a little girl with pigtails, a freckled face, and happy, bright eyes. I was as... Continue Reading →

She is afraid of the dark

She is afraid of the dark. In a life where she depends on the visual world too much, when the sun sets and the lights go out, there is nothing for her mind to do than to wander into dark and mysterious places. All the distractions and reasons to forget disappear. She is forced to... Continue Reading →

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