Consumerism is Weird: A Poem

Imagine a fish eating a cucumber: A monotony of an existence It probably won’t even understand Or be able to appreciate That five percent that isn’t water: Its brain is too small to know what life is. Imagine spending your whole life Suspended within a cage of glass And not having the mental capacity to... Continue Reading →


When Darkness Lingers

When the darkness still lingers over the rooftops of the old houses, I can cover the entire sun with my hand. I feel happily empty and powerful knowing that I can erase all the light from my word, even when it so eagerly insists on reaching through to my heart. The little rays of warmth... Continue Reading →

Purpose and Photographs

The camera captures only a caricature of my cursed condition: Forced facades framed and frozen forever, Secrets and stories shrouded by senseless smiles, And empty, expressionless eyes eternally engineered into existence. Perhaps these prints provide only a porcelain type of permanence. Like delicate and dainty dolls, they demand my dearest deliberation Or else they will... Continue Reading →

Why Philosophize?

Sometimes it feels as if I do not exist. I have faded away so much that I am essentially dead. After following the patterns of humanity I am finally allowed to sink under the covers of my blanket and let the darkness of the night dissolve me. Moments like this, when only a sea of... Continue Reading →


The way in which The blinds on the bathroom window Adopt the soft pink hue of the rising sun Makes me think that sometimes Waking up is not all that bad Or the way in which the darkness lingers And the fog still covers the world Peacefully At seven in the morning. The dew is... Continue Reading →

To Draw Like a Child

Children, when given a blank piece of paper, an array of colorful pencils, and are told to draw something, anything, usually start with scribbling in a yellow sun on one of the top corners of their little canvas. Then they will draw a thin strip of blue as the top border and a green strip... Continue Reading →

Stories of my Childhood

When I was a child, my family and I visited the botanical gardens very often. I remember the embracing smell of the oceans of tulips, roses, and narcissuses in the springtime. I remember the garden where we planted arugula and pulled the carrots out of the ground. The was a nature center for children where... Continue Reading →

Figurative Language

Figurative language Is difficult to figure out Yet our subconscious mind revels in it. As a kid I never skated over a frozen pond Never experienced the glee and terror Never lost all feeling in my toes as I stood A few fragile inches away from death. Yet I know exactly how that feels. I... Continue Reading →

The Life of an Electron

This is a story told from the perspective of a sentient electron that is part of a copper atom buried deep underground. The copper is then dug up and reacted with fluorine. In this reaction, Fluorine gains an electron, making the atom very stable. Time fades away when one can remember the beginning of forever.... Continue Reading →

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