On Depravity

This post is written for a Philosophical Essay Challenge about depravity by the Literati Mafia.  ----------------------------------- Today I spent an hour staring at a blank computer screen while trying to answer the question of human depravity, watching the cursor blink in and out of existence, and waiting for the words to pour out of me. [...]


The Visual Experience

A few days ago, I was having dinner with my family. My brother was staring pensively into his plate of pasta, and, after some time, said inquisitively: “I wish salt could be red so I could know whether or not I’ve added enough of it.” Imagine how convenient that would be, always having visual evidence [...]

Tea Contemplations

Sometimes When I drown in the emptiness of meaningless work When I feel like a machine Computing letters and figures to store In the mechanical wiring of my brain When I search for the human side of me Hoping it's hiding somewhere in the darkness When I just can't go any further I make myself [...]