The Life of an Electron

This is a story told from the perspective of a sentient electron that is part of a copper atom buried deep underground. The copper is then dug up and reacted with fluorine. In this reaction, Fluorine gains an electron, making the atom very stable. Time fades away when one can remember the beginning of forever. [...]

Entropy of the Mind

They were born out of the fire. They were born out of the sky. When the trees had embraced the world in red flames, when the days were still cold, and when the heavy and impermeable blanket of night was so dark that it made them want to cry. The giants had fallen asleep between [...]

The Physics of Reality

We’ve all been taught that the smallest particle of matter is an atom. From there the atom is divided into the neutron and proton, which are located in the nucleus, and electrons that spin continuously around in an orbit. As young and oblivious students, we let this information permeate our porous brains, and we dutifully [...]