A soft fluttering of delicate wingstentatively emerge from the infinity of the paper.Like those of a moth, quiveringinto the domain of the deck lampand dissolving, again,into the darkness.Always the insufferable default. No one recognizes the momentwhen a fly gives up on life:its last twitch deafened by the silenceof the its cage. Spoken word organizes the [...]

Entropy of the Mind

They were born out of the fire. They were born out of the sky. When the trees had embraced the world in red flames, when the days were still cold, and when the heavy and impermeable blanket of night was so dark that it made them want to cry. The giants had fallen asleep between [...]

Our Human Consciousness

What is consciousness? Obviously, this is a very difficult question to answer since no one really knows what it is, neither scientists nor philosophers. The standard definition of consciousness, kindly provided by Wikipedia, is: “the state or quality of awareness, or, of being aware of an external object or something within oneself,” which really does [...]