To Draw Like a Child

Children, when given a blank piece of paper, an array of colorful pencils, and are told to draw something, anything, usually start with scribbling in a yellow sun on one of the top corners of their little canvas. Then they will draw a thin strip of blue as the top border and a green strip [...]

The Happy Book People

Everyone likes a happy ending A light at the end of the tunnel A bow-topped present waiting to be opened A swerve off the highway of doom And a diversion from the inevitable Everyone likes a predictable surprise The last gift under the Christmas tree The hidden dollar at the bottom of the purse The [...]

The Physics of Reality

We’ve all been taught that the smallest particle of matter is an atom. From there the atom is divided into the neutron and proton, which are located in the nucleus, and electrons that spin continuously around in an orbit. As young and oblivious students, we let this information permeate our porous brains, and we dutifully [...]