A body filled with
Amber water
Explodes in golden bursts
Of endless movement.

The blood of dead leaves,
Their decay oozing
From cavernous shadows
In the black depths.
It seeps into skin and
And lives, grows,
Under a surface of flesh.  

Sculptures of meat and bone
Flirt with the creature’s dark edges.
They are as powerful as
Flower petals
Swept onto the surface
By an uncaring breeze.

The looming border
Of nonexistence
Merges, crashes
With the helpless bodies
As infinite cold saps
The slight glimmer of warmth.

The wind
Blows away the soul.
Only silence remains.

The bodies disappear,
Remembering only
The unwanted softness
Of algae.

It lingers
In the bedsheets,
In dreams,
In smiles.


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