The Death of a Whale

Decay stirring
In its dense, inexplicable insides,
As it settles gently
On the ocean floor.
With the crabs; with the algae
With the fish; with the ash.
In the cold

The burden of the depths
Silence the weight
Of death.

On the day of the surrender
The waves were peaceful.
Reflecting the bleeding morning sun;
Their tears caressing the array of
Tiny pebbles on the beach.

Only when the children came,
Did the ocean birth the beast.
Its gravity returned, and it
Ingloriously splattered
Into the sand.

As dead as rock. Until
The man in the orange jumpsuit
Sliced the flesh.
For a moment
Time stood still, and then
The explosion.
As quickly and as certain as
The beat of a living heart.

7 thoughts on “The Death of a Whale

  1. I was there, with the children, the pebbles and the fisherman! This piece is so very descriptive but it also draws you in and gives you a sense of despair. Great poem!

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