A soft fluttering of delicate wings
tentatively emerge
from the infinity of the paper.
Like those of a moth, quivering
into the domain of the deck lamp
and dissolving, again,
into the darkness.
Always the insufferable default.

No one recognizes the moment
when a fly gives up on life:
its last twitch deafened by the silence
of the its cage.

Spoken word
organizes the writhing
turmoil of space,
but for only as long as it is heard.
Then it dissolves into the noise
where meaning is as permanent
as electricity is visible:
enough for the illusions of the mind.

The moment is all we have,
just as a goldfish has only survival;
a rock has only atoms and
a human only thoughts.

Communication exchanges moments:
a displacement.
A collection of unities that
allow us to imagine
humans are more than
a dusting of sand
on the endless universe.

Although that is all we really are.


13 thoughts on “Words

  1. One can project so much human thought onto a pet cat, yet I’m told the feline brain is the size of a walnut and can only really calculated simple tasks with no concept of time – and yet she always finds her way home! I feel a song coming on! 😀 ❤

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    1. I’ve thought about that before, actually. I’ve concluded that our desire to project human emotions onto other animals stems from our inherent loneliness of being the most intelligent known creatures in the universe.

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      1. Oh yes, thats very thoughtful – I like to imagine they really are no different from us, and we just kid ourselves we’re different, but I know thats not true. I guess I should feel lonely, but I don’t really.
        I remember when someone said that animals just have this stop and go brain mode, where they wait for another thought before they continue – but as someone pointed out, thats actually just like us!
        If I cant identify with animals I identify with the plants, just cos we all die, and so on – I’m reminded of some guys account I read online about experiments with Ketamine, he said he felt so alone – so very very alone, maybe he found that inner truth there? Not really a place I’d like to dwell, where there is no reflection – and yet this guy seemed quite the enthusiast!

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  2. I’ve never thought of it that way, Kat. That our sense of ourselves as significant might depend on our ability to communicate with others. The thought is too novel with me to know yet whether it seems true or false. Thank you so much for some food for thought!

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