Little Moments

She didn’t tell me that the lights would go off, that
All will come to an end. I didn’t know
That the music will sound bitter one morning,
That the leaves will fall from all the trees,
And that the smiles will usually be
Unhappy. She didn’t tell me.
I found my old friend again:
A chill from the inside, or maybe
The wind crawled through the little holes
In the window. Sometimes I see my reflection.
Other times I do not, and even though it is always dark
During the winter, my friend never smiles back at me.

I wonder who lives in the cracks in the pavement
And if the world were turned upside down,
Would they hold on or fall into the void?
I try to keep my steps light to give them
A choice, because I do not have one.
But still I bet they wouldn’t care since
Atoms do not follow traffic regulations;
Colors do not exist when you’re small, so
Stop signs are futile in their little world
And intersections are a peaceful kind of mess.

Children run into big piles of dead leaves
And slam their ankles, knees and wrists
Into the hard and frozen ground,
But they are still young enough to have fun;
Still happy enough to pretend that the leaves
Will protect them, but still it hurts, always
And all the time. And there is no one more powerful
Than the kid who wins the game of tag
During recess: after snack time, before the nap.

Originally published on The Literati Mafia

16 thoughts on “Little Moments

      1. It definitely is the best, and I also do it every chance that I get. The window near where I usually sit looks out on a road with a lot of cars driving past and people walking by, a lot of trees and plants: so much to think about.

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      2. I am currently working on a poem inspired by a worker cutting down my neighbor’s tree early one morning. I couldn’t focus on my work because it was very loud, so I started writing a poem instead. I will be posting it soon.

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  1. This post reminds me of so many things but definitely gives me the wintery, cold feelings. I like the line at the start about smiling unhappily – which I think is a great oxymoron and yes – smiling is a facade for some people.
    I’m glad I found this poem Kat!
    (oh and I will try my very hardest to get the collaboration sorted out)

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    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I think this poem does show my lament for the coming of winter. The unhappy smile shows the nuances and confusion that surrounds growing older and understanding more about the word; definitely more more complicated than atoms and children.

      Don’t worry. I also mean to start but I can’t really think of anything yet.

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  2. You have packed so many emotions in his poem. My favourite lines have to be,
    ‘I wonder who lives in the cracks in the pavement
    And if the world were turned upside down,
    Would they hold on or fall into the void?’. This has so much to it. What if life a void and not afterlife.

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    1. Thank you so much! Those lines are meant to be an illusion to the concept of the afterlife. Whatever lives within the cracks in the pavement is just so small that it doesn’t really have a choice to be there. It doesn’t have control over anything, and they can’t even cease to exist because it is probably just dust particles. Imagine spending the rest of eternity like that? Well, the dust can’t even imagine that, it’s not sentient…. And what if all of humanity is just dust particles? I don’t know, I just thought that idea was pretty mind blowing.

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      1. You have me thinking! We’d never know about afterlife and even when we cross the threshold from life to there, we’d never be able to document it!
        ‘And what if all of humanity is just dust particles?’ Indeed, what if!

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      2. I always wonder whether the answer to that is obvious; if those that had crossed the threshold have been telling us, but we are too absorbed within our own selves to notice. I wonder about all the other clues about humanity that we don’t notice.

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  3. You know you could be completely right. May be they are giving us hints, telling us of the ‘life’ beyond, trying to guide us but we are wrapped up in our being busy!

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