The way in which
The blinds on the bathroom window
Adopt the soft pink hue of the rising sun
Makes me think that sometimes
Waking up is not all that bad

Or the way in which the darkness lingers
And the fog still covers the world
At seven in the morning.
The dew is still new and the day still young
As the fire spreads from the east side of the sky
And permeates the air with comforting promise.
The cold starts to slip away,

The leaves change color.
Their beautiful deaths are a martyrdom to the soul
As they paint seasonal lament and timeless regret
With a warm and melancholy hue.
The leaves gently settle on the earth.
Then they fade away, forgotten.
My grief can only be as glamorous as their own.

Today I noticed a couple of lonely ants
Marching up the wet bark of the pine tree
After the rain had finally stopped.
They exist only in obscurity
Yet they go on
And on.
Do they know that the end is near?

The words come back to me.


20 thoughts on “Sometimes

      1. Kat 🙂 why’d you have to go and qualify it with that rider? Now my mornings (sometimes afternoons) are going to suck forever.


      2. I’m sorry? I don’t really understand what you mean, though. I just meant that noticing and appreciating the some of the magical aspects of having to wake up very early, like the sunrise reflected on the window blinds, really does held a lot. I really hope your mornings don’t suck.

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      3. It’s just that I came to the ‘it’s good to wake up’ thought after a nightmare, so I guess that is the wrong mindset for a good morning, but it ended with the same thought nonetheless. I’m sorry. I should’ve explained better. I seem to have a perpetual foot in the mouth syndrome.

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      4. Oh, ok, that makes sense. It seems as if we all have our own ways of making sense of the world. Nightmares can compel one person while sunsets compel the other. That’s what makes life interesting. I have nightmares sometimes, but I have never thought of them in the way that you did.

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  1. I love the undertones of melancholy tinted with a blend of poignancy and appreciation. It reminds me of that gift the old Russian writers had of beautiful descriptive language and dark subjects. A mesmerizing sunrise as the season of death reaches out and the ants prepare to winter over high above the impending snows. Your writing does put my visual imagination in high gear.

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    1. Thank you. I’ve always enjoyed reading books that have a keen focus on the description of setting. There’s always something mesmerizing even in the way in which ants crawl up a tree. I am Russian, so maybe I have that gene in me.😄

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      1. Awesome! No wonder you have that rare writing skill the Russian writers have. You are a Russian writer of noteworthy skill. I do hope you will continue writing as long as it pleases you. Your powers and interest in observation is also a critical skill. That can open a lot of opportunities for you.

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