Figurative Language

Figurative language
Is difficult to figure out
Yet our subconscious mind revels in it.
As a kid I never skated over a frozen pond
Never experienced the glee and terror
Never lost all feeling in my toes as I stood
A few fragile inches away from death.
Yet I know exactly how that feels.
I can almost taste the last rays of the dying sun
As it reflects off of the ice
And casts the world in a golden, icy color.
I can remember the darkness setting in
The electric buzz of the burdened lamp posts as they flicker on
Smells of a hearty dinner wafting through the air
I hear the laughs of my friends
The blood rushing to my cheeks
The spark of youth in my happy eyes
I remember the crunch of the snow as I ran home
The warmth of the fireplace in the cosy living room
Scents of Christmas permeating the air
The loving embrace of my mother.
I remember that day well spent
Though it had never happened.

How did the old poets know
That a few simple words
Can spiral us into the illusion of nostalgia?
How did they master the figurative language?
The human condition?

How did the old poets know
That a vague, metaphorical, reference
Such as โ€œdreadful martyrdom,โ€
Could settle so well within our minds?
I can remember being a martyr
For a dead dream that others celebrated.
For a cause lost to gain acceptance
We know that feeling exactly
In our own intimate way.
Dreadful indeed
But such is life.
We are all martyrs.
We all skate on the pond on the edge of the woods

This poem is about the poem Musee des Beaux Arts by W.H. Auden

11 thoughts on “Figurative Language

      1. Hi Kat. You did an outstanding job as usual. I apologize for my vague comment. I meant that your post gave me a dreamlike vision as I followed along. Maybe I should stop posting comments while snoozing in my man chair. It would probably make more sense for me to be awake while typing. I thought it remarkable that such clarity evolved from your inspiration derived from the poem you read. Itโ€™s one thing to visualize what you read but for you to capture it so eloquently in your own words is impressive. I hope that ability will continue and grow even more powerful as your literary journey continues.

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