Entropy of the Mind

They were born out of the fire. They were born out of the sky. When the trees had embraced the world in red flames, when the days were still cold, and when the heavy and impermeable blanket of night was so dark that it made them want to cry. The giants had fallen asleep between the hills and the valleys, and they climbed those mountains. The magical and infinite beauty had lightened their souls and they thought that they had touched God. They observed the sun travel across the expansive earth and said their gracious thanks to it as they basked in its warm and comforting rays. They soaked up the water that fell from the clouds but were afraid when the angry sky lit up with purple and white streaks. They treated each day like it was a new one.

They had felt an indescribable, tremendous force coursing through their bodies and knew not to question it. And yet they understood that they were but a small fraction in one giant and awesome experience. They knew that something equally terrifying and exciting existed out there in the limitless unknown: something they knew they were too weak to deal with. So just as the ocean water breathes peacefully, they carried on with their lives. Eventually, all the little pieces came together and they built an empire. The fruits of their spoils blinded their eyes, rotted their hearts, and faded their souls. They turned into lonely monsters.

Today, we are born under the fluorescent sting of harsh chemicals and under the crushing weight of expectations and labels. The world becomes foreign to us as we trap ourselves inside boxes and as sit and breathe inside rooms that don’t have enough oxygen. We soak in information that is easy to believe. We refuse to think and thus we starve our brains. We do our best to make sense of all the flashing lights and evil machines that dominate our lives. The telephone wires and the hum of lightbulbs are blurred by our minds and forgotten. We go around using big and meaningless words in an attempt to validate ourselves, but really, we’re all just scared and confused children. We pretend to understand big ideas when it’s all just mindless filler: empty words to fill in empty space. The word is going to end: we worship that mantra but are too preoccupied with much more important things to really care. Giant industries blossom off of our desire to be liked. We paint our faces and wear clothing like money. The media placates our desire for instant gratification and feeds us spoonfuls of all the horrible things that are happening on this planet. We eat it up and believe it all. Philosophy is dying because so are we.

We live in a world ruled by the laws of thermodynamics. We live in a world were energy demands to be conserved. We live in a world ruled by entropy: we are constantly fighting the forces of disorder and randomness. We live in a universe that does not care about us. We live in a world where many more things can go wrong than they can go right. Yet, throughout the millennia, we’ve managed not to dissolve into the earth, we’ve managed to keep our civilization from crumbling and our bodies from falling apart. The whispers of doom will never stop threatening our empire, and our fundamental drive for excellence, which has already taken us this far, will never escape our bodies. It is the entropy of the mind that is the worst plague of them all. I don’t know how to think differently, but I do know that there has to be another way. Humans are too great for their minds to be this small.

Originally published on The Literati Mafia

10 thoughts on “Entropy of the Mind

  1. This is a great read, Kat. Not only is the message accurate and prophetic but the prose reminds me of Frank Herbert and the Dune series with a flowing and descriptive intelligence. I would call it a harbinger of our fate, and a mirror to our past. Four Dragon thumbs up!

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    1. Thank you so much! I’ve always had a fear for the future of humanity, and writing this helped me sort my fears out. I haven’t read any of Frank Herbert’s work, but it feels great to be compared to a famous author. Thank you.

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      1. You have a real talent for writing. I also feel this deep sense of foreboding at times but it always seems that good people band together and selfless acts prevail.

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      1. It is, sadly, getting worse! But I hoping, and strongly hoping, that we can consciously change it. May be acknowledging it is step one 🙂

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