Thank You, Summer.

Dear Summer,

As I used up the last leaves of the peach tea
I knew you had gone
It has been raining a lot,
But it’s the cold kind of rain, the sad kind of rain
The kind of rain where you can’t hope for the sun to come out
Because it’s just too far gone

I miss you, summer, but we shared good times together
We watched the sun shine through the window in the morning
And took walks together at dusk
We drove through the beautiful Berkshire mountains
And marveled at their mysterious purple hue
We saw some big cities for the very first time
And walked the familiar streets of those we already knew
We watched the sun set under the Atlantic Ocean
And watched it rise, again, over the quiet forest trees
We ate fudge and drank iced peppermint tea
And those fish tacos with the fancy mango salsa
We stole a tomato from the Amish farm
And ate it with only a shred of guilt
We walked barefoot in the wet grass
We listened to the cicadas sing at night
We looked at the stars shine in the night sky
And ran into car doors in the parking lot
We laughed, we cried, we dreamt, we drowned
We had a good time

But only one feeling remains
A melancholy peace
And for that I’m grateful, summer.
Thank you.


20 thoughts on “Thank You, Summer.

  1. Nicely done. Would you consider yourself a summer person in the sense of it being your favorite season?

    We had a summer of moderate weather here. Not too hot. But Colorado is experiencing it’s fourth worse drought, and though it rained a bit, it didn’t rain enough.

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    1. That’s a tough call, but I would consider myself more of an autumn person. This poem highlights only the very good aspects of summer, which are the ones I want to remember. In reality, is was very very hot here in New York, and it also rained for half the time. That, and the fact that I burn insanely quickly under the sun, kept me indoors a lot.

      Autumn, on the other hand, is perfect. The cool days, the chilly nights, the beautiful trees: that’s what I love the most.


      1. I understand. I’m from a cold place in India and summers used to be a blessing. Not anymore after I had to move to the city! 😁

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