Tea Contemplations


When I drown in the emptiness of meaningless work
When I feel like a machine
Computing letters and figures to store
In the mechanical wiring of my brain
When I search for the human side of me
Hoping it’s hiding somewhere in the darkness
When I just can’t go any further
I make myself a cup of tea

A distraction
An old friend
We take a few moments to stare out into the sky
Through the same window I looked at for years now
Yet we find new things to think about
A new place for my mind to wander
A new way to forget about myself

We watch the stars shine, together
As the early morning hours slip away
Or the sun turn the autumn leaves into golden colors
While the days grow shorter and shorter
We see people walk by with their dogs
Or birds flying past, always somewhere to go
Or that sweaty jogger who doesn’t seems to be getting any faster
We see the world progress on the other side of this glass wall
As a reminder that live goes on
A reminder that I can to

Yet, as the bottom of my mug gets clearer
And I see those few lonely leaves that have escaped their tea bag
The familiar warmth starts to settle in my chest
And I sigh in relief
That there is still something left to warm inside me

Oh, and the caffeine gives a nice little boost
I need that, sometimes
Because I’m just too tired all the time

This poem was inspired by Paul’s poemΒ “Would You Care for Some Tea?”Β 

Pictured above is the cup of tea I drank this morning, from my favorite mug.


19 thoughts on “Tea Contemplations

    1. Thank you, glad you like the poem!

      Thank you so much for the nomination. I usually don’t participate in awards/tags, but your’s looks very interesting, so I might. I’m a little bit busy right now, so maybe in a week or so if that’s ok. Thanks again, though. I appreciate it. 😊

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