Sunday in New York City

Yesterday, I was finally able to properly explore New York City again after over a month of not being able to. This time, I visited on a Sunday, and the experience was completely different. While I usually visit towards the end of the day during the workweek when the city is packed with all sorts of people, this Sunday the city felt unusually quiet. This was a large juxtaposition to when I had to take the train into the city last Monday morning and found myself in the stream of Corporate America: a blur of suits, ties, neatly ironed blouses, and perfectly combed hair. From the trains I was swept towards the subways without even thinking about where I was going. It’s scary how I became so much a part of that crowd.

Sunday in New York City was much less crowded, but of course, there were still a lot of people. Walking through the residential parts of the city actually felt like I was walking through a place where people live, making a usually common sound of a car horn feel a bit out-of-place. Additionally, crossing an avenue during a red light is usually completely impossible, but as I walk defiantly across Park Avenue the lack of cars seemed a bit eerie.

This time I was with my family, who kept telling me that I am a very slow walker. When I am in New York City by myself, I never really notice my pace. I always thought that I walk at the same rate as the other general flow of people around me, but apparently I walk slowly. This is quite surprising, especially since I am almost six feet (182 cm) tall, and generally consider myself quite a fast walker. As I became more conscious of my speed, I noticed that I actually look around quite a lot. I guess I try to be observant and appreciative of my surroundings, and there is just so much to take in, but in New York everyone always looks forward and everyone always has somewhere to go. Maybe I stick out because of that and I don’t even realize it. Oh well.

We went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and saw an exhibit on Catholic inspired clothing during the Medieval and Renaissance times, as well as one about the Versailles palace in France. I normally do not like taking photographs. I’ve tried, and maybe because my phone doesn’t have the highest quality camera, but the photos I take never give art the credit it deserves. Regardless, I was sometimes tempted to comply with all the other eager tourists snapping away on their phones without really looking at or appreciating the art, and here are my favorite photographs:

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 5.28.56 PM.png
Stained Glass Windows at the Met

Here are someΒ  photographs I took of New York City:


Notice how few cars there are!



28 thoughts on “Sunday in New York City

  1. You are so fortunate to live in a cultural center for America and to also enjoy what New York has to offer. I’m a little jealous as it would be a real treat for me to visit the iconic symbols of art, literature, music, and architecture, not to mention our history of development as a result of the harbors New York offered us. I enjoyed the pictures and suspect a person who is paying attention to their surroundings always walks slower.

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    1. Everyone always says that anyone living so close to NYC should be very grateful for all the opportunities the city has to offer, and I am, but it’s one thing to observe the city than actually be part of it, I think. If I had a choice, I would live surrounded by nature somewhere in Maine or maybe Colorado, there I can walk as slowly as I want. πŸ˜€

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      1. Oh yes, my own greatest desire as well. I am thankful for where I live and the work I do. My love of nature is easily attended to here. I’m at the foothills of several mountain ranges like the Smokies, and appalachian chain. There are fresh streams everywhere and waterfalls. But I truly loved living out west in Denver and later Colorado Springs. The Rockies are spectacular. And yes, I walk slowly too.

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    1. Ok! So you probably heard about the Metropolitan Museum of Art, you should definitely go there, but you should also check out some smaller museums, such as the Cooper Hewitt, and the MoMa. I also recommend checking out the New York Public Library; it’s very beautiful and there’s always an exhibit going on. I’d also recommend the New York Historical Society if you’re interested in American history. I also recommend visiting the Intrepid. And don’t forget Central Park. Some people rent out bikes, but walking is much more interesting. If you have the chance, have a picnic there.
      As for food: The Smith and Rosa Mexicana (which is right near Lincoln Center, a great place to see a ballet or opera) are my favorites. 99cent pizza is also good for a quick meal.
      For cafes, I like Baked by Melissa, Bibble and Sip, Jamba Juice, Joe and the Juice, Magnolia bakery, and Gregory’s coffee. Most are chains and not hard to find.
      Hope you have a great trip!

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      1. wouw… thank you soo much. We have 4 nights in NY so plenty of time to explore the city:)
        I would love to see ballet if there is a performance during our visit. I read about NY Botanic Garden, what do you think about the place? The photos looks good.

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      2. If seen a ballet at Lincoln Center. It’s a great experience. I’m sure there will be a performance when you’re there. Look up “New York City Ballet” for more specifics.
        I LOVE the Botanical Gardens. I went here almost every weekend when I was a kid. No matter when you go, there will always be something to see. It might be a long commute since it’s a bit north of Manhattan, but so worth it.

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      3. Thanks again. I will check the New York City ballet.
        Can you recommend the best area to stay in New York?
        I have been searching hotel close to the Times Square and the price is really expensive. we are looking for budget hotel but clean and safe area.

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      4. Honestly, most of New York City is safe. Unless you don’t stay out very late, you should be absolutely fine. Also, most hotels in NYC will be expensive, especially in times square. Maybe you could stay somewhere in Brooklyn or Queens and then take the subway to Manhattan? The subway is very easy to figure out, but it is very dirty and crowded, and I don’t recommend taking it after 11 pm if you are alone (thats probably the only major downside of NYC) You could check websites like TripAdvisor or Trivago, they’re good at finding cheaper hotels, but there are none that I know of, sorry.

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