Shadows in the Dark


Darkness is the weight
That permeates my soul
When the lights go out
And the humans are finally quiet
Our power to dominate the word, depleted
I need a break from viewing reality
They’ve told me
Yet my eyes remain wide open,
Searching, for the shadows in the dark
Looking for the response of the void
Or maybe, a call to answer
I search because I refuse to be alone
Alone with my demented thoughts
Too afraid to find out who I really am

The absence of clarity stretches in every direction
Materialism and conventions are gone
Propriety dies off
In the absence of our dominating vision
Which stabs at the linear wiring in my brain
Darkness skirts away from my demanding grasp
Laughing eerily, mocking
So I run from the demons,
Scared and confused
I just want answers

When I was young
I would wake up in the morning
With the sheets all crumpled up
My long hair a mess
A foot hanging off the edge of the bed
Drool on the pillow
The product of a frightful night

Now, my eyes open to the ceiling
The same one they closed to a few hours ago
The sheets remain tucked in
Their sustained neatness glaring at me
I stopped writing my down my dreams
Because their blandness scares me
Maybe, I lost the fight with the demons
Or maybe, I let them in
Traded my mind for cold comfort

Darkness descends on everything slowly
But it always captures the world
Predictably, undoubtedly
And Maybe,
It has captured me too

Or maybe, I’m the demon
With the mask I wear by day taken off
And the face displayed underneath
Scares the hell in me


Photo by Robson Hatsukami Morgan on Unsplash


6 thoughts on “Shadows in the Dark

  1. I really like the imagery in this piece. Your comparisons of light and dark really define the sense of a struggle within. Nice work! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s hard to fight the darkness, especially when we don’t really know exactly what it is that we’re fighting. I agree that darkness pushes us as well- beyond our comfort and beyond all that is familiar. Thank you for reading. So glad you like this poem.

      Liked by 1 person

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