Her Dark Eyes


Her dark, sunken eyes
Is all that she could see
Illuminated in the foggy, ambiguous mirror
As she steps out of the shower
Her tired eyes
Like those two back holes on a ghost
Made as a crappy Halloween costume
Those delicate, pale green eyes
Tarnished by the surrounding darkness
They are tired eyes
Weak from lack of sleep
From sleepless nights
Of thoughts tearing at her brain
And vying for attention
Keeping her awake

She tries to hide her face behind her glasses
The blue ones with the thick frames
They are a meager shield
And do not keep her secrets well
But they are something that she can always hide behind

Her loose clothing
Removes the true shape of her body
And lets them wonder
She hates wearing shorts in the summer

Her hair
Always tied into a strict and painful braid
Because she’s too afraid to flaunt
The only beauty that was given to her
So she keeps it hidden

Too scared to be brave
So she lets conformity consume her
And make her generic and boring
A shell of who she really is
Or at least wants to be
She’s fading away

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