A walk through Central Park

Tuesday, May 8th 2018

Central Park in the Spring

The cherry blossom trees were blooming. The sidewalks were littered with their fragile, light pink petals. The occasional lazy breeze would play with a few of these, bringing the sweet, flowery aroma to me, reminding me why I love spring so much. The setting sun gave a scenery a romantic, timid look. After a long day, nestled in the heart of a busy city, with so much bustling activity, so many different people and events, and thousands of buzzing tourists and accustomed natives swelling the streets, the park remains as a constant in people’s lives. The sun would set many more times, tIMG_2381.JPGhe trees would throw their shadows on the sidewalks again, and the lakes would reflect the bright colors of the sky forevermore. There is something magical about the sun setting over a city. It merits a sense of accomplishment. Another successful day of so much happening simultaneously and separately in the city, and now she is folding in for the night. The crowds begin to dwindle, the food carts disappear, the gaiety of the day leaves and the nighttime New York City, a completely new phenomenon, settles in.


Here are some of the things I noticed during my walk around the park:

Someone asked me what time it was. It was 4:44 PM, which I thought was pretty cool.

I walked by a cohort of mostly elderly bike riders, commenting to each other on the weather, and on how good it was to be alive, I silently agreed.

A very good, beautiful dog walked by. I smiled at the owner, giving my sign of approval of such a magnificent animal.

There was an intense softball game going on. I would later see the light blue colored team leaving the park, and, by the looks of it, it seemed as if they lost the game. They looked like a pretty competitive bunch.

An artist wearing a very snazzy fedora was panting a still life scene of a woman sitting on a rock, but when I looked at the rock he was painting, the woman was not there, she must have gotten bored and left.

A tourist posed for a photograph near an information booth. I guess she wanted the words “Central Park” clearly in the frame, so as to erase any doubts her suspicious friends back home may have had.

I saw a woman disregard a “Do Not Enter” sign in order to get closer to the edge of the lake, probably to say hello to the turtles and the ducks. An important duty, of course.

As unassuming pedestrian almost got run over by a man in roller skates.

A couple was practicing some form of Marshall arts in the grass. The guy was wearing business attire, so I don’t thinkย  he was very comfortable, but they were both very good.

It was a good day.


10 thoughts on “A walk through Central Park

  1. This is an amazing idea. Because people watching is one the best things to do anywhere and everywhere. I like that you are actually taking something so simple but oh so interesting and writing about it. ” I silently agreed” hahahh I pictured that in my head

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    1. Yes, I know, right! Whenever I am at a place with many people, I always observe. This can tell you a lot about humanity. And listening to others and silently commentating on their conversation is very fun.


  2. Only been to New York City twice, but enjoyed the sights and sounds of Central Park both times. There is always something of interest to see. Thanks for painting a picture, Kat. Allan

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