April 14th, 2018

Flowers in my yard. 

For the last couple of days, I’ve been seeing signs of spring everywhere.

The air smells differently, like hope and new beginnings; like flowers, trees, and sunshine.

It feels as if the winter depression is lifting up from my shoulders, and I feel happier. I think its pretty impressive how much the weather can affect a person.

Humans like to think of themselves as invincible, as if they have full control over everything. Maybe it was a primitive method of survival to think this way, but it’s somehow unfathomable for a single human to imagine their singular, minuscule existence in the universe, so we put ourselves in its center. Our brains are just not accustomed to think too far beyond ourselves. It’s a psychological default.

We humans have spread ourselves across the entire globe, we’ve explored every corner of the Earth, and now our eyes are set on other planets. We are uncomfortable with the unknown and uncontrollable. We don’t like to be reminded that our planet is one in a million (maybe even billion). The big ball of fire in the center of our galaxy also frightens us. Our grim dependence on it, its deadly existence, its uncertain future. Each year, as my side of the hemisphere inches closer to it. The earth heats up, we enjoy days of sunshine without really considering where they come from and why the weather happens.

We’ve harnessed many powers of the universe, but what if one day these powers turn on us? Our existence really is a phenomenon.

16 thoughts on “Spring.

    1. PS- There’s no “Big ball of flame in the center of our galaxy.” It’s just a high concentration of stars. Fact check your work.


      1. I’m from Lilongwe, Malawi but I too, like you I’m very interested in life and music and art. I love asking questions I just find human life very intriguing. I’m just so happy I’ve found someone with common. I don’t find such people a lota people like you here.


      2. I’m also very happy that I found someone like you who is interested in the same questions as I am. 🙂 Human life is vey interesting. So much is yet to be explored and answered about it.


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